What’s Holding You Back?

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I was speaking to a friend on the phone today and the subject of her writing came up. I asked her what she was doing about getting published and she replied that she wasn’t quite ready. She may not be. I did caution her to make sure that she doesn’t have the syndrome that many authors get.

What’s the name of the syndrome? ¬†Fail (Fearful Author in Limbo) Syndrome occurs when:

Writers write but never publish. They attend their weekly writing group sessions and get feedback about their writing (some of it good) and still leave there feeling not good enough.

The idea of being a writer is appealing but the discipline required to write takes too much effort.

Everyone that they know tells them what a great writer they are. But, all they hear is their grade four teacher telling them they have no imagination.

They don’t believe that anyone else will be interested in what they write.

How do you cure Fail Syndrome? Write, submit, learn to handle rejection and continue to repeat these steps until someone takes you seriously as a writer.

We believe in you!


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  1. Jan Dymond says:

    lol….kk…..I hear ya…..

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