How Do I get a Book Published?

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How do I get a book published is a question many unpublished authors ask themselves.  Getting published, in the past, was very difficult. If you were not established as an author the process could be long and tedious.

You would submit your manuscript to different publishing houses, wait in anticipation for a letter either accepting or rejecting your book and negotiate a contract with the publisher.

Today the question isn’t so much ‘how do I get a book published’ but rather how do I develop an audience and market this book that I’ve published.

With the advent of digital books and the many opportunities to self-publish, it has never been easier to publish.

At we can help you with answering all of your questions. Should you need answers on how do I get a book published to how do I market this book.

Our staff has experience with a variety of publishing platforms and has developed training tutorials to assist you should you decide to self-publish. We can also help you discover how keywords can help you market your book.

The question needn’t be ‘how do I get a book published’. The question should be ‘how do I develop a following and generate revenue from my book.’

We can help with all aspects of book publishing and marketing.  For more detailed information on  ‘How do I get a book published’ contact us at We can provide you with the training tutorials you need to self-publish or we can edit, format and upload your book for you. We can provide you with information on n marketing.

Remember, everyone has a story. Let us help you get your story out there.


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