What format does Kindle use?

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With the explosion of eBooks and e-readers trying to keep up with all the different formats and requirements has become a bit of a challenge. As a full time professional publisher I know. And Amazon’s Kindle is no different. And to make matters even worse, the industry as a whole has been growing so fast that at times there have been several updates to the entire formatting process over just the past year or two.

When I first started publishing books to Kindle only a few years ago Amazon accepted one of several formats. However the process was even more complicated than it is today. Back then I usually submitted a standard Word doc file. Today Kindle prefers a certain variety of HTML file called, in Microsoft Word at least, Formatted HTML.

That being said, the end format that gets uploaded to Kindle is only the tip of the iceberg  Before you can upload your eBook to Kindle you need to first setup the on page formatting structure of your manuscript. This includes setting margins, removing blank lines caused by hard returns (aka: carriage returns / line breaks), setting up paragraphs, first line indents, font settings and more. Does this all seem a little bit confusing? Overwhelming? It may. I know when I first started working out the process to publish a book on Kindle there were some moments when I was close to pulling my hair out. However today, I have worked out a simple process that allows me to format an entire eBook in as little as five simple steps.

Do you have an eBook you want to publish to Amazon Kindle? Listen, you’ve done the hard part already by writing the book. Why frustrate yourself learning another entire process of formatting and uploading to Kindle when literally for pennies a page, I will do it all for you. Plus, I can also place your book on Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Smashwords, Google Books (Google Play) and the Apple iBookstore at the same time.

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