What Many Authors Fail to Realize

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I just finished a publishing job. The book came to us ready to be formatted according to the author. We were paid to format the book and publish it to several different sites.  He assured us that the editing was done and that he would not require our editing service.

I was appalled at the grammatical errors. We spoke again about editing services. He indicated that  several of his friends had already looked at the book and it was fine.

I did my job and corrected some of the more glaring mistakes. Finally, the book was ready. The cover graphics were done, the formatting was done, the only job left to do was submission. He decided, after it was formatted, to hire someone to edit it.

The problem with this scenario is that when the editor gets done with making the necessary changes it will have to be re-formatted.

He will pay twice what he needs to for formatting.

This situation could easily have been prevented if he chose to pay a professional to edit his book before submission. Poor editing may result in his book not making Premier Status on some sites. How unfortunate!

I can’t stress enough, edit, edit, edit and when you’re done get a professional to look at it!

Keep writing.


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