Joseph Murray had an interest in publishing for several years before starting 3rd Planet Publishing.  In fact, he started this site in 2009 following the success of another web site (7dollarbooks.com) in 2006. After 7dollarbooks took off Joe promptly built a sailboat and went sailing. His goal was to always get back to this place, the place where he was writing and publishing books.

Joe has a strong spiritual core and has discovered, by putting his intent out, that things always work out. Joe, with then partner Patricia, were hired to work with a publishing company in Cape Coral, Fl.  This experience renewed his passion to get 3rd Planet Publishing ready so he could publish books that reflect his own values and vision.

Joe’s passions are sailing. writing and publishing.

Joe’s background was traditional brick and mortar business until 2006. Since then, Joe has been doing full time internet marketing, with his focus being SEO and keyword research. This skill set has proven invaluable in the publishing industry.

For information on publishing a book through 3rd Planet Publishing contact us. We want to help!