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Dr.  Amy Emme is a fully certified and qualified HypnoCoach of the National Guild of Hypnotists and is a member of the International Hypnosis Federation.

Amy has coached and prepared numerous US athletes for the Olympics supporting each high performance athlete through intense 2-3year training programs.

Combined with an extensive education (including qualifications and degrees) in business, biology, chemistry, secondary education and languages Amy brings a breadth of experience to support your every success both in and out of your preferred performance arena.

After growing a small town archery business into being the largest Archery Training Center in the world Amy decided it was time to offer this wealth of skills, experience and passion to enhancing the performance and success of “amateurs seeking to become professional” regardless of their background Amy is dedicated to supporting her clients to fullful their potential and the life of their dreams.

If its a successful team of people you seek to support your growth, development and pathway to success then Amy Emme is a necessary addition to your team as your preferred Performance HypnoCoach.

If you are ready to discover, fulfill and exceed your potential then take action now and phone Amy directly for a personal 30min consultation to start planning the journey to your success.

Ph: 239-292-5884 (Eastern Time)

Free 30min Consultation (valued at $347.00)

Dr.  Amy Emme’s new book, “Hugs, Kisses, Love and Positive Wishes is scheduled for release in May 2012.


New Book,”WHAT IS -The Universal Path to Unfoldment

May 2012 – Cape Coral, FL – 3rdplanetpublishing is pleased to announce the recent addition of Louise Gaudreau as our newest author.

Louise Gaudreau’s new book, “,”WHAT IS -The Universal Path to Unfoldment” clearly illustrates how science and spirituality not only complement each other but can co-exist.

As Louise states, “My quest for understanding has taken me many places.  I searched for the shapes, numbers, colors  dimensions, and patterns I had seen and sensed, in science, in mythology, in religious tradition, in the history of civilizations.  Eventually a single pattern emerged, a kind of Rosetta stone for unlocking all the information bound into the history of mankind and the universe in which he rises.  I call this pattern WHAT IS, The Universal Pattern of Unfoldment.  By this single evolving pattern, which appears mathematically simple, yet allows for an infinite number of expressions, all that is real and material is created.”

Today many of the world’s most renowned experts are searching for a single, simple, force or pattern that can be mathematically described and yet explain the fact and function of the entire universe. The discovery of chaos and complexity theory led to the establishment of centers such as the Santa Fe Institute which brings together scientists of every discipline in quest of this 20th century Holy Grail.

Most scientists today concur that the evidence for the quantum theory, evolution, and general relativity are indisputable.  What they lack is the story behind the phenomena that will give meaning and coherence to their findings.  Like them and many of you, I too have searched for the Pattern, the story, the meaning of existence.  The result is this book.  I don’t believe there are any ideas in my book that dispute current scientific theory and I think of it simply as a re-ordering of the knowledge already extant.  This new paradigm accommodates Eastern, Western, and Aboriginal spirituality, ancient myth and modern fact, quantum theory, loop quantum gravity and relativity, chaos, string, network, and twister theory, mind and matter.

Everything is meaningful; everything is a metaphor for truth, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear.  As the ancient mystics have said, life is a book and this book can be read.  The uniqueness of man is not as the chosen of God, but as the reader of the book of WHAT IS.

This work was completed between the years of 1996 and 1999.  Since that time I have occasionally added to its content in light of new information, or compelling events such as occurred September 11, 2001.  For the past years it has remained mostly untouched, but recent discoveries in physics and mind theory which confirm my ideas have led me to publish at this time.”

We are honored to assist Louise with getting her incredible work out there.

WHAT IS – The Universal Pattern of Unfoldment is now available on Amazon. Click Here to Order Your Copy TODAY!