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Micro Niches – A Beginner’s Guide

Micro Niches – A Beginner’s Guide

What if I could show you a new way that you can make money online without having to compete in overcrowded niche markets?

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Beyond Amazon Self Publishing


Self publishing your own book is a wonderful accomplishment. You have dreamed about this day. You have spent countless hours, days, weeks and months pounding out every single word of your creation until finally, it is out there for all the world to see. Now it’s just a matter of sitting back and watching the sales roll in!

Or is it?

The reality that what a lot of new authors discover fairly quickly is that just because you write it does not mean it will sell. After all, unless you’re a famous author with a New York Times Best Seller under your belt, chances are nobody is going to be watching for, or seeing your new book.

That’s where ‘Beyond Amazon Self Publishing’ comes in. The authors, Joseph Murray and Patricia Price are professional publishers and owners of 3rdplanetpublishing.com. Together, they have been publishing books for new or little known authors for some time and have learned an incredible amount of tricks and tips that will help you, the brand new author, get your book in front of your target audience.

You’ve done the hard part. Now get your copy of ‘Beyond Amazon Self Publishing’ and significantly increase the chances of your book perhaps becoming the best seller you hope it will.

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